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Chicken Rings... Look at all the colors!

Plastic spiral rings in assorted colors.
Each bag of chicken rings contains over 100 rings in small, medium, and large. Small ring's inside diameter = 1/2". Medium ring's inside diameter = 11/16". Large ring's inside diameter = 3/4". Use them for sorting and classifying and making patterns as well as binding children's books.
Chicken Rings and Other Things
Take a look at our colorful chicken rings and other things.

Chicken Rings: Basic Color Package

Red, green, and blue chicken rings.
$ 15.00
Chicken Rings: Pastel Package
(pink-light blue-lavender)

Sky blue, lavender, and pink chicken rings
$ 15.00
Chicken Rings: Halloween Package

Orange and black chicken rings
$ 15.00
Math Their Way Beyond the Book
Get ideas from teachers who love the Math Their Way philosophy!
$ 5.00